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Privacy Policy

By using this app you agree to the privacy policy below.

This app stores data on a secure server. The data stored is only used for the function of the app and for improvement of the app. Please refer to our cookie policy to understand how we collect and use cookie data.

Terms of use

By using this app you agree to the terms of use below.

This software is provided to help you run your business. Care has been taken to make the information and calculations as accurate as possible, but the software is used at your own risk. The software developers and their associates are not responsible for any loss incurred due to using this software. This software is not intended to replace professional advice and users of the software should take professional advice before making decisions regarding their business.

Objectionable content is prohibited. Users agree not to upload or share objectionable content. Objectionable content includes, but is not restricted to materials that: encourage illegal activity; promote hate; infringe copyright or intellectual property; are unlawful; are offensive. Perren Consulting Ltd reserves the right to remove any content it feels is objectionable. Users are asked to flag any material they feel is inappropriate to Perren Consulting Ltd for consideration.

Users signing up (whether for a free account or premium account) must only use their account for their own purposes. They must not share their login and password with other users, nor should they allow other users to upload information to their account. Users must not use their account to produce business plans for other people. Users must use a valid email address and use a unique password that they have not and will not use in another context. Users should consider logging out of the software and closing the browser for the security of their account, especially if using the software on a computer or device that might be used by another person. Perren Consulting Ltd reserves the right to remove any user it feels is not using the app appropriately.

This app only uses cookies for the functioning of the system. As such these cookies are deemed to be PERC exempt and do not need specific consent. Cookies are not used for any other purposes such as adverts, tracking social media or analytics.

Cancellation of Premium Subscription

Users can cancel their premium subscription to Business Models Quick Builderat any time by using the 'Manage Billing' button at the top right of the screen and selecting 'cancel subscription' in the customer portal. Your premium subscription will continue until the end of the current preriod and will then be terminated without further payments taken. At this point your account will revert to the free version. No retrospective refunds are given. If you have any issues with your subscription then please email us at and we will endeavour to resolve the issue quickly.


The software developers would like to acknowledge and thank the following: – for providing the development environment
Lowy, A. & Hood, P. (2004) The Power of the 2 X 2 Matrix, San Fransisco: Jossey Bass – Helpful overview of some of the frameworks – for generating helpful text for the app - for some images

We would like to give special thanks to Matthew Perren who provided help with the app. Any outstanding errors or issues are not their fault.

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We are well established app development company with clients all over the world. Dr. Lew Perren, our Lead Architect and Developer, is PhD educated and a former Professor of Management.

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